Through community meetings, & supplying resources for moms, mentors, schools and churches, Girls 101 provides a fun, safe atmosphere for girls to talk through life issues such as building character and identity, developing healthy friendships, growing in their faith. 

Girls need a safe place to be with other girls and women who care about them, where they can discuss, process and understand life together. When set in an environment of all girls, they are free to explore topics without distraction.

We talk. We listen. We interact. We make crafts. We play games. We talk about all subjects not always talked about. We hear issues of the heart.

Together we explore and practice empowering solutions and skills for life. Along the way friends are made and fun is had. We’ve never had a group of girls that wanted the session to end. Atmospheres of schools are bettered, barriers are broken, friends are made. We ask questions and listen. We help girls think through issues themselves first, to discover options and answers, before we bring in teaching principles.

What We Offer

More than ever, girls need help with anxiety, identity and finding real friendships.

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Mom groups, what if you have a group of moms, someone hosts at their home, someone else brings snacks, and another leads the lesson? We've made it easy for you to lead using our 5-week curriculum. You'll laugh, giggle, play games, make crafts and talk about important topics together. 

Schools, churches and mentors, you can use this material for your after-school program, youth groups. or just gathering a group of girls who need some extra support! We've made it easy for you. 


How does it work?

Mom & Daughter 

Moms, sometimes it's better to spend special time alone with your daughter to ask questions and listen, as you help your daughter learn about herself and building healthy friendships. We have a workbook just for you.


We all face stress, concerns, and anxiety. But maybe today more than ever. But guess what? Even way back in Bible times, they dealt with it too. There are Scriptures about ways to cope with anxiety. The Lord is so good to help us through daily life cares as we turn to Him.

Mini devotional to help with stress & anxiety

free guide!

Show me this please!

Girls LOVE to have a private space of all girls, with ladies who will talk about the topics that all girls deal with. It's so much easier to talk about dealing with insecurities or friendship problems when it's handled in a group setting. 

Friendships 101 is CHARACTER-BASED and covers the topics of identity, confidence, and connection with friends

Looking for a BIBLE BASED? You can ADD ON the Bible-based workbooks that correlate with Friendships 101. 

"Friendships 101" 

fun groups!

5-week curriculum for
girls ages 9 & up

But First, Look Below

Some would love to have a group to do this with, and some would much rather talk about these subjects one on one with their daughters. GUESS WHAT?

two options

We have both options available. 

- kasey girls 101 participant

Girls 101 has played a huge role in helping me form the woman that I have become today. From elementary school to college years, I’ve grown up surrounded by likeminded girls, and wonderful women who have inspired me to live a holy and pleasing life. Girls 101 taught me vital life lessons about being a role model in this crazy world. I learned to be the light in a dark room, to stand apart from the crowd, and that the best way to lead is by example. Now as a young adult with my own life and career, I’m able to live out the lessons and values I learned from Girls 101, and impart some of the teachings into the lives of the children I’m with everyday.

I learned how to be a light in a dark room, to stand apart from the crowd.

Jenny girls 101 participant

Girls 101 was the first place I really felt accepted in a group. This club taught me how to deal with tricky social situations most teenagers experience and how to love and support women instead of tear each other down. Girls 101 has impacted my life so much. I don’t know what I would have done without it during middle school and high school. I’m still friends with people who were involved and we still talk about the fun stuff we did together.”

Girls 101 was the first place I really felt accepted in a group."

- Karianne, Girls 101 Participant, Volunteer

“Girls 101 helped me through many awkward stages of life, from advice to just knowing that other people go through the same things! I have lifelong friends I made in the group that mean the world to me as well, nothing beats that!”

Girls 101 helped me through many awkward stages of life"

- Sarah, Girls 101 Participant

“I love the community that Girls 101 builds. It’s great to get to know girls and see how diverse we are but find common ground too! Girls 101 is a celebration of individuality!”

Girls 101 is a celebration of individuality."

- Kaci, Mom of a Girls 101 Participant

"I was thankful that my daughter was not only encouraged to look for healthy relationships with positive qualities, but she also learned that she needs to be a friend with positive qualities. I was thankful that Holly covered how to stand up for someone when they are being targeted and how to disarm difficult situations. Having the opportunity to role play friend situations at Friendship Camp empowered my daughter to be a leader and make right choices when she needs to."

...empowered my daughter to be a leader and make right choices when she needs to."

- Public School Girls 101 Participants

"I felt safe and loved here."

"It helped to get all the negative stuff out of me"

"I learned to be a better friend."

"I learned not to label people."

"I don’t want to be labeled."

"I learned I had power I didn’t know I had."

"I wish we could do this all year."

What did you learn during our times together?"

- Dianna, Public school teacher

"Holly and her helpers provided a foundation that will last a lifetime with my students. She provided activities that met the girls where they're at and moved them to be better friends, daughters, sisters and students. The students made comments like, "I have gone to school with the other girls but didn't really get to know them until now. I know how to be a better friend and better person now, and I loved the hands on activities- we never get to do things like this."

I have gone to school with the other girls but didn't really get to know them until now."

- Emily, Girls 101 Participant, Volunteer

“Girls 101 has shown me how important it is that we pour love into the younger generation. These girls want someone who understands what they are going through. And it’s a blessing to be speaking into their lives and showing them God’s love."

These girls want someone who understands what they are going through."

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the reviews

We're here to help you make that dream a reality.

Whether you find a set of people to do a Friendships 101 group with, or if you really desire one-on-one, you can do "Mom and Me- Faith and Friendships", instead of a group.  

Through the years of hearing girls talk about their growing up issues, the VAST MAJORITY of time, girls just want to feel close to their moms. Even in difficult situations, girls are so happy when moms are a part of the group, and they love any time spent with them. 

So, take advantage of the time you have with them at home, and have some meaningful, life changing fun. 

Are you nervous as your daughter begins to have anxiety about friendship issues and understanding her value? I believe that you can get through the hard parts of parenting that feel too challenging. 

you can do this!

We're here to help.

What if your daughters or the girls in your school felt strengthened and equipped relationally?

What if they could learn and hone skills that will make them more confident in themselves and among their peers?

What if, instead of drama, girls learned to get along?

​Whether you are a mom, or the leader at a school, a camp, a sport or a dance team, where there are girls who have issues to sort out. Sometimes having a neutral person or be in a group setting is needed to talk through sensitive issues effectively.

​ Whether you find a community to experience a group setting with, or if you have dates with your daughter one on one to do a workbook, it will be a success either way! Girls will be listened to, heard, challenged and encouraged.  Friends are made and fun is had!

Why do we need all of this??

I'm ready


So let's just reconfirm....

"Friendships 101" - character based 5-week curriculum for a group of girls to do together. If you desire the Bible based teaching, you have the option of adding the Bible based workbooks, that correlate with Friendships 101.

"Mom and Me- Faith and Friendships" - a fun one on one workbook that mom and daughter can do on their own, as you get to know each other better and learn about faith and friendships. 

"As You Graduate" - a journal for mom to write her thoughts, memories, prayers and advice for the future, and present to her daughter as she graduates. 

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